Coaching Client Testimonials

What coaching clients have said:


"Working with a coach has enabled me to take control of my life.  Heather has helped me to concentrate on making positive choices and has given me the confidence to do what I really want to do.  My life is now much fuller and more enriching.  I have clear goals and direction, and I know what I need to focus on to achieve them.  Heather is very supportive and perceptive, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her coaching to anyone who wants to turn his/her life around. 
Sarah Howard, Manager, Edinburgh


I am very pleased with the results of my life coaching.  Heather has been exceptionally supportive at a time when I have wanted to explore change in many areas of my life. She has a very professional approach and an informed, inspired and broad outlook, and I have found my sessions with her humorous and uplifting. She has introduced me to creative ways of using my thinking and power to influence to bring about change and positive outcomes, and this is now making all the difference. 
John Knox, Manager, Edinburgh

"You have been an important person for me, Heather, and I have gained important things from my work with you which were not what I had expected to gain from our coaching.  I have appreciated your perspective and how you process things, and, very much, your spiritual focus and your gentle way of bringing me back to my own again, an area of my life that is important but that needed more attention.  I have also appreciated your gentle directness, your kindness and what you have shared about yourself in our work together."  
Joette Thomas, Manager, Edinburgh


Life coaching has been an amazing experience for me.  I wasn't sure what direction my life was going in, was confused about my options and didn't know which one was right for me.  Heather has the gift of being able to see into the depths of my very soul and help me believe in myself.  It has been an incredible journey and she has helped me bring out the best in myself.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.  She is an amazing woman."
Audrey Maguire, Hair Salon, Edinburgh


"I am feeling seriously better about life now since my coaching sessions with you.  Business has really taken off and it's going to be a record month by a long shot!  I feel really powerful and my self confidence has been considerably restored.  I have a renewed belief in what I can do and can now see the jigsaw falling into place.  Thank you!"
Brendan MacNeill, Business owner, Edinburgh

Coaching with Heather has helped me to cope with a major life change after being widowed and moving house.  It has helped in restoring my self confidence by showing me how my thoughts and concerns affect how I feel. I worry less now, have better control over my moods and feel more positive about life again. 
Jean Anderson, Retired, Edinburgh




"By the time I approached Heather for coaching, I had already sorted out many practical problems in my life but I was still being held back by a whole load of emotional issues.  I knew what they were and in many cases why they were there but I didn't seem able to resolve them.  Instead of just letting me talk them over, Heather gently encouraged me to look at these problems objectively, to think about how I could do something about them but, best of all, she provided me with tools and strategies to tackle them head on for the first time.  She gave me the confidence to start to take control of my life, and as I put her strategies to the test, I was delighted to find that they worked.  I now realise that it is up to me to shape my life the way I want it to be - it is both my right and my responsibility.  Thank you, Heather, for your coaching support, your understanding, your guidance and your humour.  I am still steering myself forward, but I can honestly say that I am happier now than I have been for a long time.
Deb Macdonald, Teacher, Edinburgh

"Hello from a past client! I don't know if you remember me coming to you for life coaching sessions around the summer of 2004.  I've kept meaning to contact you to let you know how much I appreciated the sessions with you and to give you a wee update. I've been spurred into action today as I've given your web site details out to a colleague (not the first time!) and it reminded me to email you. 

I just wanted to let you know that you really helped me turn my life around through your work with me. I still think about the things you spoke about and that I learnt. After our work together I met a lovely man I'm now living with, and we have a wee baby boy who is 11 weeks old tomorrow! Thank you for those sessions, Heather. 
Anne Roberts, Counsellor, Edinburgh



"Heather's perspective and insight have been among the most significant influences on my personal growth.”
Bruce Collings, General Manager, Edinburgh

Just a short note to thank you so much for your recent coaching.  I thought you may be interested to know how the therapy worked.  For several days I found it almost impossible to focus in any way on the negative thoughts of my mother that had been so distressing for me and decided to leave well alone, but a few days later I found myself being aware of other much happier times and thoughts about her which I hadn't realised had obviously been blocked in me.  My husband and I have just returned from a few days away and I feel so much better ... my grateful thanks once again.
Anna Heugh, Retired, Edinburgh

"I suffered from anxiety which manifested itself as obsessive compulsive disorder, and it could be debilitating at times.  I found it hard to focus, and I worried about things that other people wouldn't even think about.  Heather was able to examine the causes of a lot of my anxieties and teach me relaxation methods and how to control the thought processes behind my problems, so that I am now able to put life's problems into perspective and deal with them much more effectively. 

Whilst I found the Reiki sessions I had first come to Heather for very relaxing and helpful, Heather was also able, as a life coach, to use lots of other complementary techniques to help me overcome my anxiety, when Reiki by itself wasn't enough. 

I would (and have) recommended Heather to family and friends.  Don't suffer yourself, because you are not alone.""

I. Riven, Pharmacist, Edinburgh


“Many of Heather’s practical and enduring solutions for effective, enjoyable team working are now a valuable part of our normal office practice.”
Patricia Purton, Director, Edinburgh


“Heather has excellent insight into leadership and the practical things leaders can do to be more successful.”
Dr Stephen Payne, President, Leadership Strategies, USA

"It was a pleasure to meet with you this afternoon, Heather. You were very assuring and gave me a lot to think about.

I will take on board everything we discussed and, if you don't mind, I will e-mail you soon to inform you of my progress on the nutritional front.

Again thanks for your support, insights and suggestions - that was the best value for money I have spent in the last 20 years.

Many, many thanks."

James Dyvers, Managing Director, Edinburgh



When I set out in my coaching relationship with Heather, my personal and professional lives were creating acute stress and anxiety for me, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope.  My health, career, home life, relationships with colleagues, friends and my family were all suffering. 


As a self-employed consultant, trainer and researcher in Scotland’s voluntary and public sectors, it is crucial for me to deliver an impeccable service. My work is largely with and on behalf of some of the most vulnerable and excluded groups and individuals in the country. In particular, young people, homeless people and those experiencing mental and emotional health problems.  I am also a single parent living with the challenges of nurturing and guiding my teenage daughter.   


I cannot imagine where I would be now without Heather's direction, impartial and unconditional support, wisdom, insights and encouragement.  Her insights in response to my multiple and complex range of issues were astounding, and I was excited by the continual ‘Aha’ moments that I was experiencing on a weekly basis in my coaching sessions. Heather helped me to identify patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that were contributing to the stressful and painful events that were regular features of my daily life.  She also helped me to identify and adopt effective strategies for overcoming the negative patterns that were creating so much havoc and anxiety and gradually destroying my capacity for happiness and emotional well-being.    

Everything is so much better now - my feeling of well-being; my personal and professional effectiveness; my emotional and physical health; a happier home; lighter and more joyful relationships with everyone I come into contact with.  I am also finding my work experiences more fruitful and rewarding and am actually embracing them with the kind of energy and enthusiasm that I used to have in the very early days of my career.   

Heather’s personal qualities are many and really are an enhancement to the coaching she provides.  As I reflect back on the time I have spent with her, I can honestly say that her integrity, her compassion, and the tangible passion she has to make a difference in people’s lives have been touching and inspirational for me.  I know as I go forward in life that her words will echo in my mind, and the benefits of the work I did with her with continue to bear fruit.
Hazel Smith, Self-employed Consultant, Trainer & Researcher, Edinburgh  

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