A Typical Life Coaching Session

"The world we have made, as a result of our thinking thus far,
creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking."
  Albert Einstein

Because the life coaching relationship is unique, it helps to know the most productive things to talk about with your life coach during your call or meeting - and what not to talk about!  


A typical life coaching session will cover:


How you are
What has happened since the previous coaching session
What you are working on
How your life coach can help you
What is next

How you are:

  • How you are feeling about yourself - the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • How you are looking at your life - changing perception and greater awareness

  • How you are feeling about others


What has happened since the previous coaching session:

  • What has occurred to you since the last session

  • Breakthroughs, successes, insights

  • Any new choices and decisions made

  • Personal news


What you are working on:

  • Progress report on your goals, projects and activities

  • What you've done that you are proud of - achievements

  • What you are coming up against - challenges and setbacks


How your life coach can help you with:

  • Something you are having difficulty making progress with

  • A challenge you are not sure/confident about

  • A plan of action

  • Brainstorming for a solution

  • A new strategy or some guidance


What is next:

  • The next goal or project to take on

  • What you want next for yourself 

  • Challenges that are more stretching

  • New opportunities you would like to pursue